Hi all:

My wife and I are both MDs and starting our attending jobs (hooray!) I've recently written out our investment policy statement, and felt pretty good about myself until I got down to the nitty gritty of writing an excel script to allocate monthly deferred benefits plus excess savings (again, hooray that we're going to more than hit our 401k/IRA limit) in a taxable account.

Here's the situation, my wife and I intend to keep a joint "Portfolio", but we must (by necessity, I believe) have separate 401k/IRAs. Our warehouses, at a minimum include:

1) My 401k (plus employer matching)
2) Her 401k (no matching)
3) My IRA
4) Her IRA
5) Our Taxable account

For simplicity sake, let's say we only want to invest in (A) Total Stock Market (80% of Portfolio) and (B) Total Bond Market (20% of Portfolio). On a monthly basis, I will contribute to (1) until I hit my annualized maximum, then (2) until max, then (3) until max, etc... staying within the 80-20 allocation. Let's say (A) gains 10% while (B) gains 2%, and I need to rebalance after a year.

How do I go about doing this since I cannot transfer assets between individual accounts? Would I have to just keep (A) AND (B) in each of (1-5) so the losses/gains are identical by proportion in each warehouse? Gets very complicated if I wanted to have a few more asset classes, no?

Maybe I'm missing something, happy to learn and get help!


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