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    So, I've finally got enough of a portfolio to warrant a review (which is exciting).


    So a little background, Im a 33yr old unmarried attending with no kids. Student loans paid off. No other debt. 200K net worth. Currently a W2 employee. Previously a 1099 employee. My work 401k is has terrible fund choices and the S&P Index is the only fund offered through my job and has an ER of 0.04%. Everything else in it is crappy managed fund bs.


    Current allocation


    Work 401K: Black Rock S&P 500 Index - 100% (this accounts for 56% of my net worth)

    Solo 401K: Vanguard Total Stock Index - 38%

    Vanguard Total International Stock Index - 38%

    Vanguard Total Bond Market Index - 24%

    Roth IRA: Vanguard Total Stock Index - 50%

    Vanguard Total international Stock Index - 50%

    Taxable:  Vanguard Total Stock Index - 50%

    Vanguard Total International Stock Index - 50%


    Totals: Bonds 4.7%

    Stocks 95.3%

    56% of my net worth is in the S&P500 index. Only about 3% is in my taxable account. I have a roughly 200K portfolio.


    Any advice is greatly appreciated.




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    I think you are doing well.  You are making the most of a bad 401K.  I assume you have disability and an er fund.  If not focus on these.  I see no need for life insurance when you are single.  It is great to have 200K saved up at 33.  No debt is awesome.  I would continue to assess what is available in your 401K and diversify with your Vanguard accounts.  Is there any chance your employer could be convinced to add some better funds to your 401k?  Is your job otherwise ok?  If you think you will move on in the near future I would not buy a house.  If you believe you will stay put saving for a down payment is wise.


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      I have disability insurance through work (Im filling out the applications now for private disability insurance) and Im working on building my emergency fund (currently around 20K). I have a good stable job (I hope anyways) and no plans of leaving. Hoping to save enough for a substantial down payment on a house between now and the first of the year.


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        Nothing wrong with an S&P 500 index as the majority of your portfolio.  Market history is on your side if you can stomach the volatility.  At least you have the choice of a low cost index fund.  My wife's 401k doesn't even offer that.  Her cheapest fund is a large cap fund with an ER of 0.55%.

        You're doing great for 33.  Probably better than me rn at 35.  My portfolio is the same size, but my net worth is technically higher at the moment, but only because of the estimated value of my house. Any large drop in the housing market and most of my net worth goes bye bye.  That's why I'm trying to work and save like a maniac right now.