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  • Vanguard investment newsletter

    There are private entities that sell newsletters that advise how to invest in vanguards stablenof options. Anyone follow these? Any reason t think it would outpace the three fund portfolio?

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    I can't speak to these specifically, but historically, investing newsletters have done an excellent job at creating wealth for the purveyor of the newsletter, and a poor job of creating wealth for the subscriber. See Hulbert's work on tracking newsletters for decades.


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      I would take the under.


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        Wieners has been discussed over at the bogleheads forum multiple times.

        here are a couple



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          There are a great many portfolio mixes that will essentially end up being very similar. This stems from the fact that weighted indexes tend to hold mostly the same thing and the next 10,000 additions arent really doing much.

          The other issues are plentiful and mostly involve timing and cyclicality that is purely coincidental and not replicable since it isnt due to skill. They are index funds mostly, and holdings overlap immensely, so if you dont have some reason/modeling behind your choice its just a different acronym with similar overall behavior.


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            I figured. If he was so great, he would be Warren Buffett famous and people would flock to him. No reason to complicate things.

            I think I'm almost ready to open my first vanguard account.
            (My 401s already own some index funds)

            I'm going to replace my savings account with some fancy muni fund.

            Maybe throw some in two the the three fund portfolio and see how it fares against what I've been doing.