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    Hi all. Due to scholarships and generous parents my wife and I were both able to make it through med school with no loans or credit card debt. We are now both 27 year old PGY2s, me in a 3 year program planning on a 2 year fellowship and her in a 5 year surgical subspecialty. We have excess cash coming in and I'm not sure where the ideal place to invest it is. We both max Roth IRA each year and have 30k in an ally saving account (was initially just supposed to be an emergency fund but now have just been putting all excess funds here till we figure out what to do with it). Neither of us get company match with 401k. Currently renting with no plans on buying a house till done with residency/fellowship. She has disability insurance (seemed more important for her since in a surgical field), I was planning on waiting till last year of fellowship though I'm sure ppl here will rec to go ahead and get it now.

    After all expenses we probably have around 1k extra each month and not really sure where the best place to put it. As I see it, our options are 401k (in a low tax bracket now so not sure how beneficial), taxable investing account or continue to save in ally savings account. Will eventually need a down payment for a house in around 3-4 years but I imagine the amount we could save for that as residents could be made up in 2-3 months of attending salaries so was leaning toward investing the extra money but wasn't sure if 401k or taxable account was better while we are in low tax bracket. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Is there a Roth 401(k) option? I would get as much as you can in Roth while young and in low tax brackets.

    And, yes, I don't know why you'd want to wait on disability. I'd pull the trigger sooner than later on that.



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      Yes, I just checked and there is a Roth option. I didn't realize you can contribute to a Roth IRA and Roth 401k more than the typical 5500 you can contribute  (the option offered by my institution is actually a 403b but from what I understand works the same as 401k). Is the limit for the Roth-403b 18K?


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        Is the limit for the Roth-403b 18K?
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        Yes. Fill it up if to the best of your ability.





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          Agreed on Rothing the ever loving ************************ out of your situation. After deductions and exemptions you all are probably in a 15% tax bracket. You both will amass a large fortune by retirement and will be grateful that you have that diversification to play with in order to reduce your tax burden from other sources.


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              Disregard this post to the maximum degree. This participant has only posted this same spam information in all four of posts to date.

              This forum needs a report this post button.


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                Stop spamming our forums. No one wants what you’re selling here, especially with the boiler room quality of your pumping.
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                I was wondering about this dude(tte) earlier. Now I know - thanks, guys. I hit the spam button.
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                  WCICON24 EarlyBird
                  I guess I am a not very observant. Where is the spam button?