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    I am looking for some reassurance.  I currently am a resident of CT, and so have been contributing to CT's 529 plan.  However, I have never been in love with the investment options.  I am looking into rolling over the CT 529 plan into another state, likely NY due to low fees and Vanguard investment options.  Investing in the CT plan does provide up to $10,000 state tax deduction.  The CT plan does not charge a recapture rate.  So I see no reason I cant make my annual contributions to the CT plan in order to receive the state tax deduction, and then roll it over into NY's plan on an annual basis.  This should have no tax implications.  Has anyone else done something similar?  Am I interpreting this correctly?  Any feedback as always is appreciated!

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    not sure but if things are the way you present them then yes!

    in california there is no tax we get to choose wherever we like.