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    The difference between an ETF and mutual fund is legal structure. Yes, the etf trades during the day, not sure how this impacts anything other than it is far, far more transparent than a mutual fund which only trades on close. If you want similar pricing or the same idea as a mutual fund enter your order as "on market close", same thing.


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      There are actually a number of advantages to contributing regularly as you get paid. You’ll capture any gains throughout the year, and will be more likely to have tax loss harvesting opportunities on short swings. I was able to take advantage of the Brexit to TLH, even though it was just a blip.
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      I have enjoyed reading that article, despite the Breuse of a comedic device, Brepeatedly. :P

      Wouldn't larger lots provide opportunities for TLH even with smaller 'blips'?


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        Wouldn’t larger lots provide opportunities for TLH even with smaller ‘blips’?
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        No, you can sell all the small lots at once. But if the blip occurs while you're building up cash for a lump sum investment, you won't have any lots to sell.


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          Due to the minimum of 3k in each fund, it will take you over two years to get your 4 fund portfolio in mutual funds. You can review the boglehead wiki on ETFs to get oriented on the difference. I also would recommend starting with a target date fund for simplicity. You could add the reit etf (VNQ) if you want to get started right away with the 4 fund portfolio.

          you should use a limit order when placing the etf trade. Here are some etf buying tips.