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    Hey all,

    Quick question for all of you. I am just starting my financial journey out of residency, and have a question about my Vanguard account. I have about 6k in a Roth IRA at this time in a money market fund. I am looking to start putting this into actual index funds. I am planning to use the three fund portfolio (Total Stock Market, Intl Stock, Total Bond) and some into a REIT fund as well. A lot of those funds require a minimum contribution to start it. Also, I am putting $500 monthly into the IRA as well.

    My question is how to I get the money into those funds? And is there a way to give a specific percentage of every one of those $500 contributions into each of those funds? Or does it need to all go into the money market fund first and then transfer it individually to those funds at a later date? Sorry for the confusion, still trying to pick this up. Thanks!