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Investing in NY muni fund

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  • Investing in NY muni fund

    I'm looking to add a bond fund in my taxable account and am hoping to minimize my taxes by going for a muni fund. I'd prefer Vanguard for various reasons and was going to go with the NY muni fund (my home state), however I'm noticing that the bonds invested in this fund are all long term. I was hoping to go with short - intermediate bond fund to minimize the risk (since my bonds are supposed to be the least risky of my portfolio; i'm pretty aggressive with the equity portion of my portfolio).

    Just wondering what others think about adding this specific fund to represent part of the low-risk portion of my portfolio? Thanks.

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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    i live in CA and decided to forgo the extra tax deduction for more diversification and used the intermediate term TE fund.

    the duration was about the same (0.2 year difference) so a wash.

    consider doing 50:50 to get the best of both worlds.

    there is no official correct answer and im sure people will vote on both sides.


    good luck.