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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    I always wondered how this stock is valued by USACS.  It is not publicly traded and it is highly controlled by USACS.  When the original four founding groups that formed USACS merged, huge buyouts in the form of this stock were rendered to the partners of the original groups ($1-million for minor physician members, and millions+ for bigger interest partners). These stock shares cannot be "sold" for full value until the 5-year mark after the creation of the group.  When this point is reached it is expected that many will be cashing out their millions.  Later groups to join after the original 4 got much lesser deals.

    USACS is basically just TeamHealth and such wrapped in the marketing scheme of "physician ownership".   This translates to the top 1, and then 3-4 guys, and the hedge fund partners making literally making millions per year by paying low wages.  Marketing is key here, but the set up is nothing new.  It is very lucrative for the real owners.

    I'd be careful here.  The overall long term plan for USACS is to acquire EDs and then to package up and sell out to Wallstreet, TeamHealth, etc...  for a big profit.  But you are a minnow in this game compared to the top guys, so you might catch a great wave, or end up high and dry on the beach.  The main guys are getting their yearly millions either way as you do the cheap grunt work.  The new grad out of residency is the sucker at this table.