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Chase Sapphire - any experience?

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  • Chase Sapphire - any experience?

    I got an invitation from Chase Sapphire Banking today.  Comes with commission-free stock and ETF trades, a $1000 cash bonus, and no fees as long as avg daily balance is >$75k.  Seems like it might be a good place to open a taxable investment account.  Anybody have any experience with them?


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    yes.  Ever since Fidelity started offering 50K AA/UA/DL miles for new deposits, I routinely move assets between brokerages to garner bonuses.

    Chase actually has  another offer - $1250 for moving $250K, and you may be able to combine the two.

    As far as brokerage - same as any other.  Can custody most funds, easy online interface, but as I am a buy&hold investor, I never really dug deeper.  Just moved the assets in kind to get the bonus and didn't need to trade.


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      Is Fidelity still offering that miles offer?  Quick online search says no, which is too bad.


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        Is Fidelity still offering that miles offer?  Quick online search says no, which is too bad.
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        not in years.

        But you can ask them what they do offer... you'd be surprised what you find.  I recently got Fidelity and TD Ameritrade into a bidding war over Molar Roller's fortune

        TD Ameritrade won at $6K bonus...


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          Some use the bank brokerage accounts for private clients and take advantage of other opportunities.
          Free trades are a non-factor, any bank owned brokerage will find a way to eventually make a small slice off of clients.
          If you like the credit card offer, great. If you like the Chase brokerage side, great. Just be aware, banking, loans, investments and mortgages are different profit centers in banking and incentives exist for cross marketing.
          I am a client with Fidelity, Chase, Vanguard and CapitalOne. Different reasons and purpose for each. Simply try to pick the cherries when available. Brokerage in Fidelity and Vanguard seem better long run. Banks seem better at banking . Cross marketing usually comes with strings at some point.


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            I am a buy&hold investor, so where the funds are custodied doesn't make much difference to me.

            For years, my set up has been the same.  Every 1st and 15th, there are automatic investments into Vanguard mutual funds at Vanguard.  Once a year, I start shopping around for bonuses and transfer the funds in kind to whoever gives me more.   Usually it's between Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, and Chase.  Easy way to pick up a few grand.