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    Anybody looking at it???

    As much as I like Betterment, it seems that one day only big companies like Fidelity, Schwab, Vanguard, etc will be the ones to have a sustainable one due to their massiveness of assets.


    I looked at it--seems fairly basic but didn't know what others thought.


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    I have played around with it. I like it. I currently am using Betterment for a small slice of my portfolio, but if I were starting today, I might use Fidelity Go instead, as I have the bulk of my assets already at Fidelity. Betterment has a value tilt, separate emerging markets equity exposure, and also international bond exposure, creating a more complex portfolio, which, if you believe the academic literature, should outperform over time. Unless I were a total geek about that stuff (which I am), the simpler portfolio is more than adequate and better than most.


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      You can play around with the fidelity go site and get what they would put you in. If you have all your assets at fidelity, you could just go ahead and buy the funds and not pay the extra fees that go charges.


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        It's interesting that the fees for Fidelity Go are "all-in" so the 35 / 39 basis points (non / tax) fee includes everything including the expense ratios.

        Whereas the other places charge the fee + the individual ER. However, when you add it all up its roughly the same out of pocket.

        The big negative is Fidelity Go doesn't (yet) do tax loss harvesting which would be the major appeal.

        But if you're already at Fidelity then maybe worth a try. I have all my Roth IRA there so might be interesting to throw 10k in there to "test the waters".

        The big thing is to get the diversification w/o thinking and at a minor cost. Otherwise just invest in the Spartan index fund and call it a day (the Buffet recommendation).

        For taxable accounts I think Betterment and Wealthfront with their auto/daily tax loss harvesting would be more advantageous.

        Also you don't need a single a solution you can afford to spread it around and see what you like .


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          Agree if it doesn't do TLH not much point for relatively informed investors like most on this forum.