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Vanguard Customer Service: Very bad so far

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  • AlexxT
    I have had to deal with customer service with both Vanguard and Fidelity.  In both cases I had slightly complicated things that I wanted to accomplish.  I was able to do them with both, but it was easier with Vanguard, even though I sometimes dealt with Fidelity in person at my local office.   But complicated transactions can require a few phone calls.

    Bottom line:  Vanguard is fine.  Give them another chance.

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  • The White Coat Investor
    That hardly sounds like a customer service disaster. Are you enrolling in the Vanguard advisory program or just DIY using Vanguards funds? If the latter, you can do it at any brokerage and just use ETFs.

    I avoid these sorts of issues by doing almost everything online. On the rare occasions I've had to call the customer service was adequate. About the same as Schwab and better than I get from my partnership's accountant and 401(k) provider.

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  • CinciResident
    started a topic Vanguard Customer Service: Very bad so far

    Vanguard Customer Service: Very bad so far

    Has anyone else experienced really unimpressive customer service with Vanguard? I fully intended to transfer all of my investments to them, but am now I'm having serious doubts.

    Series of events so far:

    Call Vanguard, connect with Rafael, who becomes my official Vanguard rep.

    Am scheduled a webcam webinar with another person to assess if I am a "good fit" for Vanguard's services. Incidentally, I am! Shocking This person has great customer service and seems to be very helpful. He tells me once I officially decide to transfer my investments, just call XYZ number. Ok great!

    I call XYZ number; I'm told that I needed to call with a bunch of information ready that I don't presently have (as I was never told to have it ready). I am also treated in a very condescending manner. I find my way off the call in order to connect with Rafael.

    I email Rafael in order to set up a meeting. Let's get this stuff done!

    Rafael responds the next day. (That's fine.) He suggests a time frame.

    I respond the next day agreeing to a date/time within his suggested time frame.

    Rafael does not respond for four days. When he does respond to confirm, I am no longer available. I respond the same day and suggest a new time frame for two days later.

    Rafael does not respond, but does call at the time I suggested two days later. But because he hadn't responded I made other commitments. Oy.

    I call Vanguard to complain about Rafael and to request a new rep. I speak with the customer service person who sounds very cordial. She says she will contact the other department to figure out if it's possible for me to get a new rep. (Really? This might not be possible?)

    She calls me back shortly thereafter to confirm the name of the rep in question (not a big deal, but seems like a pretty important detail - I had assumed she had it in the system). She says she will call me later on that day. She calls me at 6:30pm, and I tell her I can't speak at the moment. She says she will call the following day. This was three days ago.


    I was fully intending to transfer all my investments, but now I'm pretty ************************ wary. And a quick google search just showed I'm not the only one experiencing terrible service. Consumer Affairs:

    Oof. So now what? Vanguard was my jam based off Boglehead acclaim, but now I don't know! Anyone have any terrific experiences with similar services?