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Why are Insurance Salesmen allowed again?

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    Maybe it’s just my philosophy not to want to ban voices, however silly they may be.  Again, if your logic is to ban people promoting a bad product/idea then ban people who advocate for stock purchases as well

    I might support such a ban, but it doesn't seem to be a problem.  We don't see stock brokers showing up promoting individual stocks, and there are posters here who do invest in them.  I think the advantages and disadvantages of individual stocks are more obvious.  But whole life salesmen are more insidious, in my opinion.   I would like to see anyone recommending whole life in a particular situation prove that it's better than term plus investing using real math, or be banned.  But that's just my opinion.


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      All of them? Do you think the “good guy” insurance agents don’t also sell whole life insurance products?
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      Well, I don't know everything they do at home or at work, but as long as they aren't promoting them here, it's not a problem.  How about a "don't ask, don't tell" policy?  


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        Shedding light (math and counterpoints) on these WL/VUL products is the best medicine IMO.   Therefore, I welcome these WL/VUL folks to this forum espousing their financial deity.  If a person is considering such a product, it is better to have the collective wisdom of the folks on this board to provide counterpoints versus sitting in front of a multi decade experienced WL/VUL salesperson.  This forum can help/save some folks from WL/VUL, not everyone.  Every little bit helps.

        Note, the WL/VUL salespeople who come on are not in it for the long haul on this forum (4 to 8 posts at the most), because these folks IMO quickly realize three things:

        a. They don't know as much about their own product as the collective wisdom here.

        b. They cannot argue the math against the collective wisdom here

        c.  Experience from dropped policies, and having to constantly sell effort provides the ultimate reminder to WL/VUL salespeople that better, less costly, and easily understandable alternatives exist.

        I would still like to see individuals have to articulate a 'permanent insurance need' in order to obtain a WL/VUL policy beside checking a box.  Alternatively, a WL/VUL salesperson who has too many policies become non-enforceable over a period of time could not sell the policies through any insurance carrier.