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How much to pay for tax prep

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  • How much to pay for tax prep


    My wife and I are about to dump our tax prepper. She’s done an adequate job getting our money returned to us, but I feel that her prices are outrageous.

    For business taxes for my wife’s business (LLC filed as SCorp quarterly and annual with 0 employees and a business gross income of <$40,000) and personal taxes for myself (med student last year) and my wife, we paid well over $1,300 for 2017 in prep fees.

    Am I off on this? With a small business (LLC- wife is a personal trainer) and student (now resident) taxes, what’s an appropriate amount to pay?

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    The business is the kicker. You might ask how much that is by itself. Based on your wife's income and my presumption of your (resident) income, turbo tax is likely a good option. For pricing, try searching the forum for a prior thread about this.


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      I started this thread several months ago:

      Based on what you are disclosing, I think you are paying too much and could easily do it with TurboTax.


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        How much does Turbo Tax cost? That's your answer.


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          Even CPAs mess up S-corps - I'd never recommend you DIY. But why does your wife have an s-corp, anyway? Close it down (use an experienced CPA for any s-corp returns) and then you can probably DIY. Depending on the cost of your house, you may want to use actual costs for the home office.
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