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  • Financial advisor- fee per service- recommendations


    I'm looking to write down a financial road map / Estate planning and I need some help.

    Based on your personal experience, do you recommend any good financial advisor/CPA that can help me for a reasonable fee per service?

    Thank you

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    Why don't you talk to Johanna Turner, Profile name on this forum is JFoxCPACFP, 270-247-6087 is her phone number, I am sure you have seen her offering her knowledge as she has started 183 Topics and has 4,762 replies as of this morning.  I have had a few of my clients work with her as well and I hear nothing but good reports.  In addition, I have been told that when something does not fit well with what her strengths are she gives you an alternative adviser recommendation.  You should be in good hands with her.
    Scott Nelson-Archer, CLU, ChFC
    303-953-0263 Direct / [email protected]


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      If you want to do estate planning you need an attorney who specializes in this field. You might want a financial planner for the rest, but they could not substitute for the attorney.