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    Recently had a meeting with a financial advisor from Radden Education institute. Wondering if anyone can share his/her experience with this organization, more specifically should I listen to the financial advice it provides. Thank you.

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    Reminder to forum users: When discussing specific people or companies, stick to the facts and clearly identify your opinions to keep you and I out of hot water for libel. Forum threads like these rapidly become the second or third Google listing for someone searching for an advisory firm by name. Words can have financial consequences.

    OP- I don't know anything about the firm, but a good place to start is the ADV2. I could not find one for this firm, which tells me they are either using a different name or are actually a broker and not a financial advisor.

    Also, here's a link to a similar question asked 2 years ago:

    Sounds like there's an association with Northwestern Mutual based on that thread, although I haven't found anything on the Radden site indicating an association. I'd read this thread before doing business with NML:

    Here's a link to their site:

    This bothers me:

    In answer to a question about what credentials matter, they list all the insurance based credentials (CLU, ChFC etc) and don't mention CFP, CFA, or PFS.

    Some marketing genius though- look how many med schools he's found a way into:
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