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  • Financial planning in Cleveland

    Have you heard of "capital planners" in Cleveland Ohio? I got term life insurance through them for my wife but am now looking for more involved financial planning.

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    WCICON24 EarlyBird
    They are an insurance agency located in Beachwood, OH (a suburb of Cleveland?). It appears they are a subsidiary of First Allied Advisory Services, but I can't tell for sure at this point. When I entered the name and zip, this huge network popped up (HQ in San Diego). They have some black marks against them on the ADV, but their ADV is 422 pages long! The dings could be from any of the subsidiaries and probably have nothing to do with the office in Cleveland. They are not fee-only advisors.

    In general (and imho), you'll be better off finding a firm that is smaller and where you can develop a close, long-term relationship. Look for a fee-only CFP who focuses on planning and then structuring your assets to give you the best chances of reaching the goals in your plan, not the other way around (investing first and then giving you a sheaf of papers to take with you and read through).
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