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  • Financial advisors in Chicago area

    Any recs please


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    Your advisor does not have to be local; many good firms are virtual and work nationally. Check out the WCI find a pro link.


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      agree i would not limit this geographically.

      the chance the best person for you is within driving distance is statistically small.


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        Do your homework before you start looking.
        You need to find a match for the value you are looking for.
        Ensure you get the best advice at the fairest price by asking these questions to any financial advisor you're considering hiring.

        Some good info on the blog.


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          WCICON24 EarlyBird
          We have several long-standing clients who live in Chicagoland. I’m sure others on “the list” do, too, just providing this as an example the geography is no longer a limitation.

          It is so much easier to meet in the comfort of your home or office than to fight traffic for a meeting, arrange babysitting, etc. On Zoom, spouses can meet from 2 locations, also, very convenient when one wants to meet at lunch and the other can do so from their work or at home. Most of our clients plop their kids down for a movie when it’s meeting time. I’ve gotten to know a lot of babies and future financial planning clients 😆. It’s much more comfortable when you can just meet from around the kitchen table or home office in your sweats!
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