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    Posted for a participant having trouble posting due to a bug we're working on:

    Anyone heard of Radden Education Institute? Radden is coming to my med school in a few weeks and I'm wondering if I have any use for them. According to our financial aid office (and their website seems to agree - ) They offer financial literacy education for physicians. It is free through residency, but then they start making money on the investments they put you in and advising as an attending. They seem to have a good basic philosophy, but a somewhat sloppy website. Since I have WCI and a little self-motivation, I don't think I have any use for this group. Just wanted to make sure it wasn't something I should warn my friends--who have significantly less financial knowledge-- away from.
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    Thanks for posting. Comments are appreciated



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      This section on "Term Insurance or Permanent Insurance?" along with the fake monthly rates says it all for me.
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        along with the fake monthly rates says it all for me
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        That was funny. Good catch, Johanna.

        Nothing more to see here...move along, Friends.


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          Nothing in this country is free   BEWARE!!!!  Who vets these companies?


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            WCICON24 EarlyBird
            Current intern here. Timothy Radden spoke at my medical school last year and we were given the opportunity to sign up for free financial advice during residency. I was fortunate enough to rotate with another intern who read WCI and I happened to mention NWM in the context of how "fortunate" I was to have free financial advice over the course of my 6-yr residency. I was able to find the flyer and his slides on my schools website and I realized everything said Radden Education Institute. No disclosures slide. NWM was mentioned nowhere. I'm emailing my financial services offices to let them know, but this guy travels to a whole bunch of schools unfortunately.

            Thanks to my co-intern I saw the light and over the last couple of months I've been doing my homework. Luckily my financial waste at their hands was limited to Term Life (which of course was to lock in a good rate for whole life) that I don't need right now and fairly cheap disability insurance, which I've now realized is complete garbage (they of course planned to apply for more expensive NWM DI next year). As an aside, these people were okay with me contributing 6% to an un-matched 403(b) after telling me Roth IRAs wouldn't be relevant when I'm an attending (I maxed it out just in time for the year... thankfully residency is in a low-cost area).