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    Received a tax notice from the state regarding underpayment for 2018. Forwarded the forms to my CPA. Should I expect a bill for them to look into it or should it already be included in the tax prep fees?

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    guess it depends if someone screwed up. That could be you, or the CPA, or the state.

    If the CPA screwed up then you probably shouldn't get a bill.


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      It depends on your arrangement with the CPA. If they bill by the hour and the notice is "your" fault, they will probably send you a bill. But if they missed something it would be pretty gutsy to send you a bill for that.

      The fact that you're wondering is a problem I have with the way many CPAs do their pricing. My attitude is to price everything upfront before doing the work. It's a lot better for the clients and even better for the CPA. I wish the pricing model with CPA firms would evolve more in this direction but many are stuck on the hourly billing.