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    I would appreciate your tips from your experience.
    A large family with w2 income and several real estate properties and a business. We were thinking of a revocable trust as a holding company with several subsidiary LLCs for each property or business.

    1. We are immigrant so unfortunately, we don't relative or close friends to appoint as a guardian...what did you do?
    2. Please give me your input on what to do and what to avoid as we are meeting the attorney?
    3. What questions should I ask to make sure that the attorney has enough experience?
    4. Did any of you create an Irrevocable trust and regrets that decision?
    Thank you

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    Not tackling this one, sorry - the answers could take up several chapters of a book. You might want to meet with an experienced (in estate planning) fee-only financial planner to go through all the logistics. If you’re not interested in comprehensive financial planning, look for a fee-only hourly planner such as those at Garret Planning Network or XY Planning Network. We don’t have the capacity for hourly planning for a variety of reasons but others here may have suggestions.
    My passion is protecting clients and others from predatory and ignorant advisors 270-247-6087 for CPA clients (we are Flat Fee for both CPA & Fee-Only Financial Planning)
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