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  • International estate planning

    I and my wife have our families and beneficiaries abroad and they aren't US citizens.

    I have read that one should always choose an estate attorney in the state one is living in. But I also need someone who is experienced with international estate planning.

    Can someone recommend any resources or a good firm/attorney in NC who specializes in international estate planning?


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    Essentially, the US doesn't care about what gifts you make to people abroad so long as any estate or gift taxes owed get paid. Any taxes on transfers that foreign countries apply must be dealt with jurisdiction by jurisdiction; you'll just perhaps want to check with attorneys in those countries (maybe estate planners in large firms in NC will already have experience with a certain country, but that can be a long shot). If you want a trust set up for foreign beneficiaries, you need to check with US and foreign country attorneys, depending on the issues involved. Any good estate planner in your state should be able to guide you through the planning process and work well with foreign attorneys.


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      Thanks for your help!


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        I would recommend reviewing the IRS FAQs on this topic.
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          Very helpful link. Thanks