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Impenetrable South Dakota trusts?

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  • Impenetrable South Dakota trusts?

    Amazing if this is legit. Married for 30 years to a billionaire and she basically shut out? I thought Texas had good protection but South Dakota seems to take the cake.

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    And they were broke when they started. He made his money after they were married. Plus he had an affair? She deserves SOMETHING for sure.


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      There are lots of exceptions to the protection of these trusts. Assets have to be transferred long before a claim against then could arise. Transferring essentially all the assets could be interpreted as a badge of fraud. Not sure how he moved assets that were in an irrevocable trust to a new trust. He may have gotten greedy and ruined the plan.

      All she needs are some lawyers willing to work on speculation of a big payday. Her husband's lawyers are counting on a favorable settlement given the cost of pursuing them in court.

      Why would anyone want Marilyn Monroe's old bras?? Who got her underpants and socks?