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Children's Social Security Survivor Benefit Both Spouses Dead

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  • Children's Social Security Survivor Benefit Both Spouses Dead

    In the event of both parents of minor children dying, do surviving children qualify to receive a monthly benefit for both parent's survivor benefit? Is the "family maximum" with respect the individual worker's benefit or cumulative in total amongst both parents survivor benefit?

    SSA publications only address 1 parent's death.

    Thanks for the information!

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    Don’t know for sure. Pure speculation.
    Benefits as I know are limited to one benefit per individual, the highest. The individual may qualify for more than one, but they eliminate duplicates.
    If there are more than one child, additional there is a family cap too.
    “How much can a family get?
    Within a family, a child can receive up to half of the parent’s full retirement or disability benefit.
    If a child receives survivors benefits, they can get up to 75 percent of the deceased parent’s basic Social Security benefit. There is a limit, however, to the amount of money that we can pay to a family. The family maximum payment
    is determined as part of every Social Security benefit computation. It can be from 150 to 180 percent of the parent’s full benefit amount. If
    the total amount payable to all family members exceeds this limit, we reduce each person’s benefit proportionately (except the parent’s) until the total equals the maximum allowable amount.”


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      I believe the child would receive up to 75% of the pay of the highest earning parent. It is more complicated if there are multiple children involved. This is a question you should probably take to your local SSA office. And I do hope it is only theoretical.
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