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Death of Stretch IRA?

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  • Death of Stretch IRA?

    I've heard a lot of press recently about possibly the death of the stretch IRA. How has this impacted your investing/distribution/allocation approach?

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    Wake me up when something actually changes!  

    Same goes for the backdoor IRA, Mega Backdoor IRA, HSA, 401k, PSLF changes, and a million other 'what ifs'.




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      Only thing it has done for me is to remind me to have my parents check to make sure they actually filled out the beneficiary forms on their IRAs (which they hadn't)

      Seriously though, if it does pass, and odds are very high it will (previously passed house, has Obama/Clinton support, and only lost by 1 vote to Senate filibuster from Dems), it will make me rethink my Roth conversion plans in early retirement.  Not sure if it will make me do more or less Roth conversions, but will certainly change the math dramatically depending on kids incomes.  Might also force me to one day seriously look into other estate planning methods such as 2nd to die life insurance.  Those decisions are still a LONG ways off though.