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    I will not get into the p***ing contest of the educational benefits of DO vs MD.

    But the financial implications are a bit eyeopening. Years ago the DO schools were considered less desirable since it led the graduates to fewer choices in good residencies and the tuitiion less than MD schools. And the state run DO schools are still affordable and equivalent to state run MD schools.

    But the clamor to get into medicine has risen dramatically in the past few years. Medicine is perceived as a stable job even if the pay is not as high as Wall street jobs. As more qualified students try and get into medical schools and the MD slots fill up quickly the DO seats become the only chance for some to get into medicine and become physicians. So some unscrupulous private DO schools have opened up which charge exorbitant amount of tuition and expenses. A nearby DO school now charges $85K per year. I don't think I have seen a MD school charge this amount.


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      4th-year medical student currently on the application cycle. Congrats! It'll be a vicissitude of emotions.

      In regards to the DO vs. MD input. I don't have my book with me. But if people are curious about the actual numbers look up: The Successful Match: 200 Rules to Succeed in the Residency Match. They have numbers regarding MD, DO, and IMG match rates in a very nice table.

      To the OP I also highly suggest this book to 1st years (see if your library has it!) it'll help you early on in your career. It has different specialties, match rates and chapters on making yourself my competitive as well as high yield interview questions and post-interview information.

      That being said I'm applying to a slightly competitive specialty and I have seen awesome DOs and IMGs on the trail!