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Senior partners "stealing" patients

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    Originally posted by jfoxcpacfp View Post
    Reading through this thread, what strikes me is the gulf between what physicians assume patients know (or maybe you don't) and what patients actually know and understand.
    Quite insightful, jfoxcpacfp. The level of scientific literacy among families/patients is massively variable, even among those with formal medical or scientific training. In the earlier days of my current role, I was guilty-as-charged for assuming a high level of baseline scientific knowledge among the families/patients with whom I worked. I turned out to be quite wrong...

    Redemption: Even as a clinical researcher, I used to feel the same way about the other group (happens to be the division chief's group) "stealing" patients whom I had worked with in a previous study. Then I figured out that there are many more to enroll and many more will come through the door over the next year to eighteen months. So I just kind of let go of the "these-are-my-patients" attitude to focus on the next encounter. That way I don't get all bent out of shape. Not sure if that nugget will be impactful for you at all, but just my two-cent's worth.


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      Originally posted by Lordosis View Post
      Totally different in my world. I love when my patients decide to change to the new guy. I was that new guy a few years ago and got all the disgruntled people. Now that it is reversed it is leaving me with the more gruntled. Win win win.

      But I get it when it comes to surgery that kind of blows. Sorry you have a dushy partner
      I hear you
      I liberally use the ā€œ second opinion ā€œ card all the time
      nothing manages personality disorder like change of pcp ( Iā€™m in primary care )
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