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  • Do i say anything?

    I work for a small group of doctors with 3 group partners. A tactic I have seen in my group to knock off dead weight is to not give new contracts at your hire-annv. This avoids them from 90 day notice and you would only know for non-renew 30 days in advance. I have seen this happen before... it is haunting how hush hush this stuff can be!

    They are doing this to a guy I work with almost every day. I keep to myself and so I have not built a friendship but am collegial with this person as much as so with others. Say hi, bye, talk about hobbies. We do not hang outside work.
    One of the partners let it slip they are going to do this to him by leaving the budget sheets in the office printer. I was only there because I needed my DEA information for renewal and with COVID no one was there to email it to me........ so it is not a office I often go to (offsite, outside the hospital, and I def do not want to be pinned as the LEAK!).

    I am morally torn. I guess office manager could say I came by so may be one who tipped this guy off.
    There is nothing in it for me. ............
    At the same time this guy JUST closed on a house with the bells and whistles pre COVID like Feb........ def not a starter house and would take months to sell with COVID and he talks about how he loves the 4 seasons here, how happy his wife and baby are and on and on. Now when he talks I literally feel sick and tell him I better get going. I have known for three weeks. I am loosing sleep over this.

    Our renewal is on date of hire so would be in fall for him, I do not know exact date.

    I wish there was a way to tell him with him not going in and saying I told him as I do not know him well enough to know he will not do just that in anger. I am also a loner so I would not even know how to talk. Mostly he talks to me not vice versa.. he is one of those jolly docs that asks a lot about everyone and shares his life. I am OTOH very shy and only at work to work.

    WWWCI do?

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    Ah while I am in confessional. I took the budget copy when copying my own paperwork. It is was having the tell tale heart so I threw it away in the shredder!!!!
    It is also removing some billing people (names I do not know) and it has a long list of cuts in payroll for some doctors and decisions on freezing hiring to 2021.

    For his section it has 3 peers listed who vouch work product volume in billing is not as expected at hire. IDK if these people even know or sometime in last 1 year made a off comment and were included in this. We have a group meeting on 15th of month. It may come up there in some intent like billing people being cut out.


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      This sounds like a crappy way to treat someone, but it is not something you are supposed to know. Ideally he has already been told his volumes aren't up to snuff. Who knows if things might change before the fall? Our volumes had been *way* down but are now essentially back to normal. I would try to forget what you saw.


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        i wouldn't say anything, if it were a close friend then that would lend itself to a different consideration.


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          Personally I would tell him. The consequences to the individual are so much greater. You can also play dumb, I noticed you weren't on next year's budget, I didn't realize you were planning to leave. Where are you going?


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            do you have a moral duty to inform?
            will your long term relationship/friendship with him effected?
            will he trust your information?
            will your employment be jeopardized ?


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              Tricky. They're already planning on firing him some 4 months in the future? Why not just give him the 90 day notice?


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                Well, MrWeenie, you’re in a pickle. I’m not sure what I’d do, honestly.


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                  Originally posted by childay View Post
                  Tricky. They're already planning on firing him some 4 months in the future? Why not just give him the 90 day notice?
                  Yeah, this doesn't really make sense. OP are you saying they are considering letting him go in the near future or is this 100% going to happen? If it's not working out, why wait until his contract is due for renewal and then give him 30 more days of pay?


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                    I suggest you view the situation from a business policy standpoint, terminations(non renewal) are never pleasant.
                    Are the policies and procedures legal and ethical?
                    Are the policies and procedure in the best interest of the partnership?
                    Are the policies and procedure fairly applied?
                    Forget the personal acquaintance, the individuals personal life or personality.
                    Is it the right business decision? Nothing wrong with pruning “deadweight”.

                    It is NOT appropriate to spill the beans. If you wish to change the notice from 30 to 90 would that make you feel better? The avenue is to “privately “ bring it up with the powers that be. You came in contact with confidential information. Keep it confidential.
                    Were the 3 peers accurate in the volume deficiency? Do you even know the anticipated volumes. Transpose it. What if you needed to document volume deficiencies of a friend? The point is approach it objectively and impersonally.
                    Does seem to be any of your business. Might want to include it in your next contract.


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                      What a crappy place to work. The real question is why you stay.


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                        OP where do you fit in this? You’re not a partner so you’re an employee just like this person getting the axe?

                        I would not disclose such info. That would likely be a violation of contract terms.

                        but it’s not hard to have a conversation.

                        geez with volumes down I’m not feeling so great about my job since contract renewal is months away and I haven’t heard anything. What do you think? I’m thinking about broaching my employment situation soon. You know if there are cuts happening I need to be able to make plans. Have you heard anything? Don’t you have a contract renewal coming up? My spouse is very worried and is pressing me to talk to the bosses. I’m not good at this stuff. Any advice? I’ve heard of other groups making cuts. What with covid and all. Hey so how’s the new house?



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                          I agree. A terrible work environment if that is how management treats staff.

                          That said, you were wrong to read the data and doubly wrong to take it. Hindsight and all that, but having read it you could have taken the data to the relevant manager, and point out it was left on the copier. Then ask if they are really not going to give notice? Might or might not have helped, but your conscience would be clear.

                          Look, in the end, you already know your crappy bosses treat people this way, right? Do you warn every new employee? Is your only issue here that you know this person a bit better? If so, this is the logical consequence of putting up with bad management. If you can't fix it, either quit or stop worrying about it.


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                            What an awful way to treat people. The only way you should tell him is if you have another job lined up (in what seems like 90 days). I would take your concern to the managing partner that you’re closest with - “look bob, I was at the office a couple weeks ago making some copies. Someone left some sensitive info on the copier. I wasn’t snooping, but I saw it. It looks like you’re not going to renew X’s contract. I know I’m not a partner so I don’t get a vote, but the guy just bought a house and has a little kid - don’t you at least owe it to him to tell him? Let me know to start looking for another job/get credentialled/start working on a different state medical license/get his house ready to sell/save up a down payment?” Then leave it at that.


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                              I would not work there. I would tell him