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Prenuptial Agreements or Domestic Asset Protection Trust: Opinions?

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    Marriage signifies a permanent commitment that is not available to unmarried cohabitors. It is important to most married couples. There are also many tangible benefits afforded to married couples that are not afforded to the unmarried, such as:

    • The ability to receive spousal SS benefits (same for pension if you have one),

    • No limit on gifts to a spouse,

    • Ability to roll inherited IRA into spouse’s IRA

    I’m sure there are some obvious ones that I’m forgetting. I have a list at the office if you want more.

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      Thanks for your comment.

      I was looking for tax planning and financial planning. Most of my wealth is in real estate. I have been doing everything on my own but have been looking for someone to help me organize a way to track my real estate business expenses as well as legally save me more on taxes. I feel like I am leaving a bit on the table. I have read a lot about real estate tax law but I think I should br focusing more on medicine

      If you can recommend someone, I'd appreciate it! Please PM me if able.