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VPN: virtual private network

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  • F0017S0
    Proton VPN paired with ProtonMail for all financial needs. Secure 2FA on both as well. I think I prepaid $240 for two years for both services.

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  • Tangler
    started a topic VPN: virtual private network

    VPN: virtual private network

    Do any of you guys use a VPN at home? My sister lives in Norway. She recently sold a second home in USA. The money was put into her account (bank account in Al) she was hacked while flying out of NY and someone was able to wire transfer money from her bank account to an account in NY.

    Someone was using her email to confirm the transactions and she was not available by phone because she was flying back to Norway.

    Anyway, she said she went online in the airport to check work email from her phone in the airport and somehow they snagged her email and somehow they snagged her bank (which she did not log into).

    The bank said they have insurance and they will reimburse her for the lost funds but wow.

    Anyway, yesterday after I spoke with her via whatsapp I went online and got a VPN.

    I am trying express VPN. So far I like it. (not a paid endorsement obviously)

    Anyone else have a home VPN?

    If you want an extra 30 days free for express VPN I can send you an email and give you a code. There is also several companies that will give you 3 months free with a promo code.

    After the free codes looks like it is going to cost me around $5-10 per month for the next year.

    I hate having another subscription but with a net worth over 4M and the ability to use it as a bus deduction I feel pretty dumb for not doing it sooner.

    I have not noticed any slow down and it works on my i-phone, pc and apple laptop. Works with quickbooks (which connects to my bank ) and with all my websites.