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    Originally posted by RocDoc View Post
    Please go to XRAYVSN ‘s blog and go to Parts IV and V of the “Complete Every Mistake In the Book Series.” When you have read every word of XRAYVSN’s marriage story, please report back here and let us know what you think. XRAYVSN was brave to tell his story. Please read it.
    I read it since I am also from the Indian subcontinent and wanted to see what his semi arranged marriage was all about. Couple of things stood out - The big red flag was that she was kicked out of a radiology residency in spite of her husband being an attending there. For that to happen she would have commuted pretty egregious mistakes. I wonder why XRAYVSN did not address it before it came to the firing and hoped that it will go away. Secondly, we have heard only one side of the story and never know the other side of the same story.


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      "2) Put real time and skin into a marriage, nothing rests on autopilot, that's how divorces happen even after 30-40 years."

      Your post #29 demonstrates a remarkable change. Just as a career takes a lot of focused effort, so do relationships

      Rule #1 - Do what is in your best interest in your personal life.
      Rule #2 - Do what is in your best interest in your professional life.

      Rule #1 seems that you need to put some effort into your personal life. Easier said than done. Maybe this is the one, maybe not. I congratulate you on evolving in your thinking.


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        How do you know you’ve picked the right person to marry? It’s a fascinating question.

        An entertaining video I saw once:
        “Why you will marry the wrong person”.

        His book on marriage/love/relationships is also interesting.

        “It is the task of philosophy to let us down gently”

        Good luck!


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          ************************ good video
          well I kind of came to the conclusion damned if I do damned if don't