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Is it worth paying for identity theft surveillance?

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  • Is it worth paying for identity theft surveillance?

    I've had identity theft surveillance through Experian for free as damage control for some website breach that happened in the past. The free surveillance has ended and I'm curious if anyone thinks that paying for this type of surveillance is worth it.

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    I had someone steal my SS# and file taxes last year.  As a result we froze our credit and signed up for credit karma for free monitoring.  From what I've read and understand the monitoring services are fairly worthless.  Freezing our credit gives me peace of mind.  Stupid scammers...


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      Heck no! Sign up for Credit Karma for free and monitor it yourself. I currently have AllClear ID protection provided by Anthem due to their data breach, and every time I open/close a credit account I get an email notification from Credit Karma about changes to my credit history literally WEEKS before AllClear.

      With the availability of credit report monitoring through free sources like Credit Karma and many credit card/bank accounts as a "perk", I'm pretty convinced the only people who purchase credit monitoring nowadays are big companies who have had data breaches and are looking to cover themselves from a legal and customer service standpoint.


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        There are a ton of ways to get free credit monitoring.  Shoot, for a few dollars a year my insurance co (Safeco) is giving me some identity theft protection.  Not to mention you can get free credit reports and free credit scores.  I don't think it's worth paying for a freeze (having said that, I've never been burned by identity theft; perhaps my tune will change if I am).

        AAA was giving me free credit monitoring for awhile at some point just as a free service -- I think plenty of places give it now.
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