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    I just got the 2nd notification in 2 months that someone tried to open a credit card in my name :-(


    I wonder if anyone has signed up for one of the credit monitoring/protection services and, if so, what the experience has been like.


    Don't want to spend money unnecessarily but if people are going to keep trying I'd rather be proactive
    Thanks in advance

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    Did you:

    • Check your credit reports for fake addresses, phone numbers, and unintended inquiries? This is free from for all 3 bureaus (no score, though)

    • Notify the financial institutions in question where the accounts were attempted?

    • File disputes with Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion?

    • Put fraud alerts on your credit with the 3 bureaus?

    • File a report with the FTC?

    • File a report with the SSA Inspector General?

    • File a report with your local law enforcement?

    I just went through this last month with both my wife and me around the holidays.  With the two long weekends, there was a long period of time where people weren't in the office to respond to reports, freeze credit, etc.  I only had the one inquiry and someone used my stolen information to call a credit card provider and change my address, phone number, and email to their temporary mailbox, burner phone, and spoofed email (who the ************************ still has 69 in their handle?) so as to obtain a physical copy of one of my existing credit cards.  My wife, on the other hand, actually received cards in the mail she didn't apply for (the ones they let you use online before verifying income and receiving the physical card) and had 9-10 inquiries for new card applications.

    Stuff can get messed up.  Someone might have all your info and done stuff you don't even know about because it's hard to detect.

    Your financial institution might have something for free.  Ours gives us free monitoring and monthly scores through Experian.

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      i have not, but my credit is frozen at all three bureaus so monitoring is unnecessary other than still pulling my reports three times per year. i feel paying for monitoring is a waste.

      AAA gives you free monitoring BTW if you have that as well.