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How to vest home title in Nevada?

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  • How to vest home title in Nevada?

    I live in Nevada and my husband and I have only two options for titling our home. They are --

    *JOINT TENANCY: An undivided interest in property, taken by two or more joint tenants. The interest must be equal, occurring under the same conveyance and beginning at the same time. Upon the death of a joint tenant, the interest passes to the surviving joint tenants, rather than to the heirs of the deceased.

    **TENANCY IN COMMON: An individual ownership in real estate by two or more persons. The interests need not be equal and in the event of the death of one of the owners, no right of survivorship in the other owners exists.

    It seems like from reading other posts that tenants by the entirety would protect our home assets if I were ever sued. But we don't have that option. Is one of these better than the other?


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    JTWROS impo. If you bought the home during your marriage, it is community property and the surviving spouse will inherit, anyway. Maybe an attorney can come up with a better explanation or how a TIC w/b helpful in this situation. I am not an attorney and this is not intended as legal advice.
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      don't forget to homestead as well. $550,000 of protection for the $14 fee at the county register.

      seriously, the cheapest insurance policy on the planet.