My wife is the dental director for an FQHC.  My understanding is that the Federal Tort Claims Act covers her while she works for the FQHC.  I'm hoping there is somebody with experience to answer a couple of nuanced questions or point me in the right direction to some resources.

1. Her clinic has a mobile dental unit that they take to schools, headstart centers, etc.  My assumption is that any treatment there is within the scope of project and covered by the FTCA.  Travel to/from those locations would be covered by the clinics general liability insurance.  Any gaps that I'm missing here?

2.  She has privileges at a local hospital to perform surgery on existing patients which she does typically once or twice per month.  I believe this would also be covered by the FTCA, but also looking for any gaps.

3.  (the thing I'm most concerned about after reading a recent on call thread) -- She has privileges at another hospital where she does on call rotation with 2/3 other dentists.  These are primarily phone consults.  This on call process is run through a different FQHC, with my wife's FQHC submitting requests for reimbursement to the other FQHC.  After my wife's FQHC receives funds, she is paid for the on call through her FQHC on a regular paycheck.  Basically every couple or few months she gets paid for the last few months of on call.  So, I'm trying to unpack whether this arrangement would be covered under the FTCA.

Thanks in advance.