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LLC for website: PA vs NV

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  • LLC for website: PA vs NV

    I have an educational website and recently published a book & online course on this website. I am planning to make LLC for my website business. This website is run by me only with occasional help from wife. I will be moving from Pennsylvania to Nevada by early next year. Based on this website (, the cost differs significantly between LLC in PA and NV:

    for NV: $425 (LLC filing fee) and $350 (every year)

    for PA: $125 (LLC filing fee) and $70 (every 10 years)


    I have following basic questions regarding LLC creation for my website:

    (1) If I create my LLC in PA now. Do I have to do changes in LLC after moving to Nevada?

    (2) Should I wait for this move to Nevada before opening this LLC?

    (3) Any good resources that I can read to learn the basics of LLC creation for my website business.


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    1. NV will require you to register your site, either as local or “foreign” in NV. If you are living there, you won’t be able to get around the fees.

    2. The timing depends upon when you need liability protection, not the date of your move.

    3. Go to the SOS (Secretary Of State) website of the relevant state or discuss with your CPA, who should be well-versed in educating you in this area. If you are not working with an experienced CPA, you should be.

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      Curious as to why you want an LLC?  It seems unlikely that you need asset protection for this business-and if that IS the reason-you need to know the laws pertaining LLC and asset protection in the state you choose.